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Divorce is never an easy process and we as clients are going through the hardest time of our lives; however, I’m so thankful I was referred to Martha as she is very professional and understanding. I believe Martha and her associate Cole have gone above and beyond their duties. I’m very appreciative of the amount of preparation work that they had done, insuring the best outcome for me, which ultimately helped my case be successful.

Choosing the right lawyer.

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To safeguard your rights or those of your children upon separation or divorce, you require a lawyer skilled in all areas of family law. At Metzner Law, we listen to your concerns and interests. We will offer you the advice, options and representation necessary for you to make the decisions that will protect you and your family.

When to seek legal advice.

Divorce Lawyer Langley

Upon separation or divorce, a variety of rights are triggered depending on your circumstances, including parental responsibilities, child support, spousal support and entitlement to family property.  To protect your rights, it is advisable to obtain legal advice in advance of separation. If you are being asked to sign a family law agreement such as a cohabitation or separation agreement, independent legal advice ensures that you understand how the agreement will affect your legal entitlements.