Client Reviews

Words can’t express the gratitude I have for Karen McNeilly. Karen has always truly had my best interest in mind. I first retained Karen in 2009 and again in 2022/2023.

Karen thoroughly explains everything, the process, options and for sure you feel protected and absolutely are with Karen.

I can’t stress enough the professionalism, and genuine care Karen had for me. Karen you always get the job done!! Thank you Karen for everything you’ve done for me.


Karen McNeilly was very knowledgeable and responsive.  Excellent communication.


Amazing person, and even a better lawyer. I can easily say the same about the rest of the team—Terri and Cole are amazing people to work with. Martha handled my case very professionally and I’ve recommended her to people who have asked for a good lawyer. Martha has a great reputation in and out of court. During my case, we dealt with a few different judges and they all had a great amount of respect for her as a lawyer. For any matter, I believe a lawyer’­s reputation makes a great difference as to how your case is presented and looked at by the court. She’s the type of lawyer who wants to help her clients resolve and save money, for example, via talking to opposing counsel, mediation, or coming up with different ways to try to resolve rather than litigate as litigation could end up very costly. But when it does come to litigation, she has a very strong and confident voice and a great memory to put your best case in front of the court. I highly recommend her as a family lawyer especially if your case is complicated and you want a good lawyer who knows your file inside out.  Just wanted to say thank you, Martha, for your services and support through the tough times I’ve gone through.


Martha Metzner equals a fabulous outcome. I found myself in a position where I needed a lawyer to guide me through the maze of marital separation and divorce. Martha Metzner was fantastic. I was totally impressed with her incredible knowledge, expertise, professionalism and client support. Through her, I was able to put this all behind me in a positive manner and get on with my life. I highly recommend this amazing lawyer.


I was recommended to Martha from a friend and, wow, they were right. She did exactly what she said she would, but went about it in a professional, polite manner. It was a family law issue and I felt confidence in her approach and execution. Dealing with her was a pleasure and I highly recommend her to others who are looking to take on the family law issues. You will not be disappointed! Excellent job. Thank you!


Martha is efficient, organized and knowledgeable. When we had to appear in court, she let me know up front what to expect. She was absolutely amazing dealing with the opposing counsel. Going through a divorce isn’t the best experience of one’s life, but Martha was cognizant of my finances; and when I need a little support, she was there. I would recommend her to anyone who asks. She is absolutely the best!


I am pleased to give a recommendation for Martha Metzner. Martha was always very organized and kept me informed and focused as my case progressed. When a court appearance was necessary, she delivered on her promises, addressing my case with diligence and professionalism. By taking the time to thoroughly understand my case, she was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for me. It was a pleasure to work with Martha and I would recommend her and her staff to my family and friends.


I have used legal services for over thirty years for various business and personal reasons. Based on my past experiences, I have found Martha to be the most efficient, professional and reliable lawyer I have ever used. My experience with Martha was for personal reasons. I found her to be very efficient because she listened, asked for clarification when necessary and confirmed that she understood correctly before taking any actions. Our interaction was friendly, relaxed and non-stressful. This may sound trivial, but it took a lot of pressure off and helped me to deal with the situation in a more positive way.


I have been working with Martha for several years now and find her to be very professional, hard-working, and truly has her clients’ best interest at heart. I have been extremely pleased with Martha and her team. Going through separation is an emotional experience but Martha and her team find a way to help you through some of the pitfalls. I am very grateful I was able to retain Martha as my lawyer. I would strongly recommend Martha Metzner to anyone looking to retain a family lawyer as she will put 110% of her effort and time to representing you and getting you through your individual experience. Thank you, Martha, Terri, Pat, and Cole, for all of your support!


Fantastic lawyer to work with as well as her dedicated staff. She was always available to answer my many questions and very thorough with her work yet honest with me about the law. Thank you so much, Martha!